Thursday, September 29, 2005

Amazon Queen Visits Hermitage Publications

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lemuria - Poetry by Lois Daley

Where I belong is my Lemuria,
Where ancestors, have placed
their feet, toiled and shaped that
which is my heritage
On the soil they left for me
is where my strength is gained
I do not travel far
I seek no distant visions
It is all at my doorstep
It is where the lemon tree stands
Lusty, unbending in all its strength
My muse and I see Lemuria as
Our North, our South, our East, our West...

Lois Daley ( Port Melbourne Muse)
copyright Lois Daley 2005.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hermitage Publications - Create, Create

Create, Create....the journey is all...
copyright word and image Monika Roleff 2005.

Hint of Heather - Faucon's Pledge

I have over 400 poems in my 'MESSAGE GENTLE' files, touching on many subjects.
In return for a $10.00 donation to Heather or Soul Food Cafe, I will create a framable color picture of one of these pieces. Contact me for theme selection.


Monday, September 26, 2005

Green Orpheus

Poetry on a theme of Green Orpheus with original photographs of nature....

Poetry Journey - Myriad Choices

Four Frameable Poetry Works with Photo Art in a Folder with Gift Card...

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Photo Poetry Sample

Friday, September 23, 2005

Hermitage Publications Seeking Submissions

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hermitage Publications - Open House

"Have you ever wanted to package your journey words of wisdom in a way that is individual and unique?"

Many writers have found success in self-publishing small scale works which are important to them, leading on to bigger and better things. This publishing house has lots of space for:
  • one off works of writing, with art as its silent partner, and these can be bound securely in a portable, appropriately durable fashion. No need for conventional binding, be creative. May also be a series of booklets, or pics with words.
  • works to order from a hand made example facility, so that if a work is admired, and more is wanted, another can be made up, and also tailored to that person, such as in a gift situation. So many people I know hunt high and low for something original they can give their loved ones and friends, and there is nothing better than an original work of art and words.
  • unusual concepts, such as a poem printed on an origami fold with fancy paper, packaged in an attractive envelope ready to send to a friend in need of written sustenance with a twist.
  • unusual styles of writing such as illuminated manuscript calligraphy works, stunning visual typefaces, old fashioned type, and bold graphics with a message of course, for those on the journey.
  • collections of poetry packaged on beautiful paper in a unique presentation folder. Collection needs to have a cohesive theme, i.e. animal poems, nature poems, love poems, haunting poems, journey poems, with a name by which it will be known. Substitute writings for poems if they are on a consistent theme.
  • photopic journey albums made up of your work that you feel comfortable to share on a small scale, made up in a photo album with words to tell the story. (Heather's sketches and Fran's donkey and dolphin stories and pics come to mind.)
  • unique paper types with words, such as hand-made paper, paper with flower petals embedded in it, hand-dyed paper with words, rice paper and similar types, or your own individual invention. Be adventurous, try new things. Experiment with themes and styles.
  • inspiration card variations with supportive messages for those on the journey, single trip journals with advice, journey preparation mini-books (what to pack), mini-books with cautions on the road, etc. It must be authentic experience gained from personal journeying.

  • Be sure to email photos of work to me when you are ready to share your unique concept. I plan to use an excerpt from written works and mini books on the blogger, as well as the short description and pic, so include the part you want to highlight the most, and I will post it. Include appropriate descriptions about the works and how they are to be used, etc. Just the main features. Make sure your name or personal ID stamp, name (or alias) and copyright is somewhere on the product. Include envelopes when something is designed to be sent to friends as a gift.

  • Stuck for ideas? Email me if you need some more examples.

  • The theme we are trying to capture is the thin line untouched by mass market publishing and conventional gifts. We want to show a point of difference from the things already available out there. We want our friends all over the world to share words and art with us, to create a world of beauty and uncommon sense! Write on and create your masterpieces!

  • Wishing you fountains of creativity! Imogen Crest, Hermit.

  • P.S. As for the theme of the place, well it's quiet and contemplative, with a twist. Creativity comes at the oddest moments and bursts forth into life, in may different forms. Kind of like magic really, the way life was meant to be, before all the confusion! Happy visiting in this creative Hermitage Region.